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Spruce up your Easter with Wine

Easter Sunday is that special time of the year when friends and family gather to celebrate and enjoy a fancy meal together. Traditional Easter menus comprise glazed ham or roasted lamb, spring veggies and chocolate bunnies. We have a wine pairing for each of these food items.

Appetizers or Salads

Start with a white wine that is light and whets your appetite. If you are starting your dinner with salads or light sea food dishes, Sauvignon Blanc is an ideal choice. The pale golden nectar of Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc with pronounced aromas of passion fruit, pineapple and fresh lime will evoke the pleasures of a balmy summer.


Main Course

Glazed ham has sweet topping while the actual meat is salty. Hence, the best wine to complement it should have sweet fruity notes to match the saltiness of the ham and enough acidity to support the combination of both sweet and salty flavors of the ham. You can keep sipping the Nine Hills Wine Sauvignon Blanc which you took at the start of the meal. If you are partial to red wine, Nine Hills Shiraz is the perfect pick.


For the roasted lamb, stick to Cabernet Sauvignon. Nine Hills Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon has enough fruit and tannins to handle the complex meaty flavors of the lamb.


For a dish of stuffed chicken breast, Pinot Noir or a local white Zinfandel, which is a pink wine, is the best choice.



As traditional Easter desserts make the maximum use of coconut, pair it with a Nine Hills Chenin Blanc. Nibble on chocolate cupcakes or bunnies with a classic port. For Indian desserts that are particularly rich with ghee and sugar, Nine Hills Wine’s Viognier is the best recommendation.


Wine pairing is an art of discovering your palate and preference. No food is off-limit to wines. Try out different wines with Easter meal to find out your taste. A sumptuous meal shared with friends and family over good wines is all you need to add festivity to any holiday.


Happy Easter Day!


Say it with Wine this Valentine’s

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Chocolates, flowers, stuffed toys are passé! Celebrate the Valentine’s Day this year with your sweetheart in style.  And what better way to ignite romance than with wine. Yes, surprise your loved one by gifting him/her a bottle of wine and see the expression change on his/her face.

Here are a few ways to win your sweetheart all over again. Be it a romantic date at a restaurant or a candlelight dinner in the comfort of your home, wine is the perfect way to say “I Love You”. If you have never done it before then this is the golden opportunity to commence your tryst with wine, the manna from heaven. Be it red, white or rosé, wine tingles the taste buds, liberates the mind, heightens the senses and sets the mood.



A declaration of undying love or a rekindling of passion in your relationship, a glass of champagne is the ideal choice. The effervescence of the sparkling wine puts you in high spirits. Moreover, it pairs well with a whole range of romantic and gourmet foods.

If you are planning to take your valentine for a romantic candle light dinner, make sure to take a reservation well in advance at a restaurant where they serve good country wines. Select your cuisine and then consult the restaurant’s Sommelier (if they have one) or the manager (who should have a good knowledge of wine pairing) for the perfect bottle of wine to go with your food. Now celebrate an amazing Valentine’s Day with your date over good food and some even better wine.It is the perfect formula for love.

If eating out is not your style, then rest assured, this is just the way to invite romance. You can surprise your valentine by cooking up an intimate dinner for two in the cozy warmth of your home. Buy a bottle or two of good wine; our Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz Rosé should do the trick. Now pop the cork, share the wine over your favorite love songs and leave the rest to cupid.

Valentine Tip:As red is the color of Valentine, impress your date with a red wine. Nine Hills’ award winning reds Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon will do the honors quite nicely.

Say it in style, say it with wine. Cheers!