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How to Create a Wine Themed Gift Basket

August 28, 2014 Leave a comment


Don’t we all just love receiving gifts and especially if it is wine, then there is nothing better! Most people buy wine, slip the bottle into a nice gift bag, and gift it to their friends and family. However, if there is a special occasion coming up and you are thinking of gifting wine, then there is a better way to gift wine along with some goodies! Wine as a gift is awesome, but wine themed gift basket is even better. You can find these gift baskets in the store, but you might have to shell out quite a bit for a nice wine gift basket. There is a way out – homemade wine themed gift basket! This way it is lighter on the budget and it will add a personal touch to the gift. A complete win-win for you, your wallet and the receiver of the gift basket! Here are some tips, which will come handy in putting together the perfect gift basket.

1. Basket: You can buy a nice wicker basket from the nearest store, these look very elegant and classy. You can decorate it with ribbons and coloured paper to make it look festive. However, if you are trying to cut down on the budget, you can either reuse an old basket or opt for a weaved bamboo basket.

2. Wine: One gift basket can have at least two bottles of wine. If you are presenting it to somebody you know well then you will probably know their choice in Wine. If not it is always best to buy popular wines like Nine Hills Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc, which are liked by most people.

3. Cheese: Wine and cheese are two of the best culinary pleasures! So, when you are putting together a wine themed gift basket, it will be incomplete without a block of cheese. You can buy different varieties of cheeses like Blue cheese, Cheddar and mozzarella for the gift basket.

4. Chocolates: No gift basket is complete with some exotic, yummy chocolates. Fill up the basket with lots of chocolates, and most people might not know this buy chocolates and wine goes well together!

5. Nuts: You can buy tins of pistachios and cashews for the gift basket. Nuts are great to eat with wine, as they help in cleansing the palette. It is advisable to pair nuts with the richer, more robust wines like Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Apart from these, you can also put in anything else your friend might like! The trick is to make the gift basket look festive and elegant, while putting in as many things as possible. Have fun!

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Wine Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

August 21, 2014 Leave a comment


Don’t we all just love to enjoy a much-deserved glass of wine at the end of the day to unwind with our families? Nobody really bothers about wine serving and drinking etiquette. However, when you are invited to or are organizing a wine tasting event or a party, knowing some of the important wine etiquettes will come in handy. So, here is a list of dos and don’ts you need to know before you attend or organize a wine focused event!

1. Always hold the wine glass by its stem: This is a rule that should be followed every time you drink wine in a glass, because when you hold the glass by its bowl, the heat from your body passes on to the wine. This will not only warm the wine but also alter its taste.

2. Use the right glass: This can be tricky at first, as there are many wine glasses to choose from. If you are not sure about which glass to use, pick up a glass with a wider bowl. Glasses with wider bowls can be used for most wines, as it allows the wine to breathe and helps bring out the flavor.

3. Always pour the wine no more than one-third of the glass: This way you can swirl the wine in your glass and appreciate the aroma before you sip your wine.

4. Go with your instincts: If you don’t like a wine, you don’t have to drink it. Wine should be enjoyed, not gulped down. Experiment with different wines and by the end of it you will find something you will love.

5. Never store a wine standing up: Always keep the wine bottle tilted, at a cool temperature, away from sunlight, this way you can keep the cork from drying up.

6. Learning wine lingo: This will help you understand wine better. You can learn some of the jargons in our previous post, Wine Lingo Every Wine Lover Should Know.

We hope these tips and suggestions will familiarize you with some of the basic wine etiquette. So, next time you are at a wine tasting event, get it right and impress your wine buddies! Cheers!

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