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Pair Your Favorite Wine with Food – Part 2


In our previous post, we covered wine and food pairing for some of our wines. As promised, here is the rest of food pairing list!

Nine Hills Shiraz: Nine Hills Shiraz, like Sauvignon Blanc is known for its versatility in pairing. However, if you are choosing Shiraz, you might want to order smaller meat portions, stew and less spicy food rather than bigger fattier meat. You can pair your favorite Shiraz with grilled lamb, beef stew, brisket, salmon, sausages, black olives and roasted chicken/pork. Vegetarians can pair this wine with vegetable stew, lentil salad and veg burgers. You can satisfy your sweet tooth by pairing it with some yummy chocolate cake.

Nine Hills Shiraz Rose: Nine Hills Shiraz Rose has endless pairing options. This delicious pink wine goes best with Salads, light pastas, rice dishes, seafood, grilled chicken and pork, basically anything. Pair it with strawberries and berries, to enhance your taste experience.

Nine Hills Viognier: This exotically fruity, rich white wine has complex tastes hidden in it. Hence, it’s best not to drink Viognier with lighter food, as it will completely overpower the taste of the food. Viognier loves spices, so pair it with spicy chicken wings, chicken in red curry paste, Chicken in Thai curry and if you love Indian food, then this is the wine for you!

Now that you have all the information you need about wine and food pairing, which pairing will you try first?

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Pair Your Favorite Wine with Food!


Do you often find yourself confused about wine and food pairing? Fret not, you are not alone. Most wine lovers often complain that pairing their favorite wine with food is a difficult task, however it need not be anymore. Here is a list of Nine Hills wines and foods that pairs best with them.

Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon: Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon goes best with red meat and mushrooms. So, you can try gruyere burger, a mushroom pizza or some marinated steak. This wine does not go well with chocolate; instead, you can pair it with berry tarts or assorted cookies.

Nine Hills Chenin Blanc: Nine Hills Chenin Blanc is one of the popular wines, which goes well with most foods. Pair your favorite Chenin Blanc with seafood like Sushi and smoked salmon, Fish and Chips, Squids and fish patés. If seafood is not something you like, then you can pair this wine with vegetarian options like Avocado, asparagus and peas. Apart from these options, you can also try this wine with roasted chicken, ham salads, vegetable salads and cheesy pastas. Since, Chenin Blanc is a sweet, dry wine it goes best with desserts like apple pie and cheesecake.

Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc: Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc is a hot favorite among oenophiles as well as beginners. The reason for this is its amazing taste and its versatility in food pairing. This wine can be paired with a variety of foods, like grilled fish, roasted chicken, spaghetti with herbs, Jalapeno and tomato Sandwiches, grilled vegetable pasta among other things. This crisp, white wine will taste best with lemon cake, apple and apricot based desserts and grapefruit.

Wine and food pairing is all about experimentation. What works for one, might not work for another, the trick is to try as many wines and foods together and decide for yourself. Your favorite wine not on this list? Our next post will have the rest of the Nine Hills Wines and their food pairings. Stay tuned!

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Get Ready for the Bubblies

Nine Hills Wine

Who said the hot days are all about chilled beers and aam pannas (for the teetotallers, silly!)? Well, we admit, the hot days of monsoon can make your body a tad too intolerable towards alcohol. But fret not as winemakers around the world work to get some brilliant liqueurs to your tables. For all those who are wary of the heavy-headedness following a lot of wines, this is a perfect time to stock up on the lighter ones. Make sure they are the low-alcohol content versions and with the assortment of flavours Indian cuisine has to offer, the summers are all set to become your favourite season.

Unfortunately, the popularity of wines in India is still at its infancy and a lot of the consumers are not aware of the significance of the Roses. The Roses, also called Blushes, are actually a brilliant mixture of both red and white grapes. One often wonders whether Indians pass over the Roses since these wines are often considered androgynous; the men here have a penchant for the Reds and the ladies love their Whites. The properly chilled bottle of Rose can make for a brilliant afternoon or an evening drink. But of course, there are the more conventional ones for those who love their classics.

Fruity and juicy wines, which are low in alcohol, are hot faves as well. For the ones who fancy their Burgundies a little too much, it’s best to just stick to a young Pinot Noir to avoid the heaviness which can accompany older ones. Sangrias also make for great sips with perfectly wine, fruits and sugar.
Here’s a look at some of the best wines for the Indian summer palate:

Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc
This one is a winner with its “fragrant, lemongrass aromas with almost pungent tomato leaf intensity” and its slightly sweet taste having an essence of “pink grapefruit-like acidity”. With 20% fewer calories than its competitors, I bet you will not regret trying this if you haven’t already.

Nine Hills Shiraz Rose
If you can lay your hands on a good bottle of this humble Indian Blush, you can forget doing anything else on a warm afternoon. Oh, and you can whip up a brilliant Sangria with this one!

Nine Hills Chardonnay
A brilliant species of chardonnay from New Zealand, the creamy flavours of apple and peach make it unbelievably delicious. Add to that a scintillating touch of oak and you have one of the best ones on this list.

Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon
This is for the ones who love a good chilled Red. Meant to be served chilled, it has well-balanced flavours of pomegranate, rose and cherry.

With this list of wines, you can look forward to fresh and exciting noon and eves.

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What Kind of Wine Are You?


Don’t you love tasting different wines? Each one of us has a special wine just for us. Answer these quiz questions and get to know more about it!

A. Clubbing
B. Eating out
C. Shopping
D. Watching movies

A. Unexpected
B. Alright
C. Terrible
D. Lovely

A. Going for a run
B. Eating a heavy breakfast
C. Playing the guitar
D. Calling friends

A. Night around the town
B. Quite night at home
C. Painting
D. Playing board games

Mostly A’s: Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon is your pick! You’re quite the enthusiast and love to have a good time. You can handle strong wines and be quite the entertainer!
Mostly B’s: Nine Hills Chenin Blanc is your pick! You like light wines that play a perfect balance with your taste, and Chenin blanc is another smooth wine which goes well with your palate.
Mostly C’s: Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc is your pick! Sauvignon Blanc is a dry wine that originates from the Bordeaux region of France. Based on your answers, this wine is made for you!
Mostly D’s: Nine Hills Shiraz is your pick! Shiraz are elegant, tannic and smoke-flavoured wines. This wine can be paired with briskets, grilled lamb, beef stew or chilli colorado.

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Cooking with Wine: Pork with Garlic and Red Wine Sauce


In our previous posts, we covered Fish in Red Wine Butter Sauce and Chicken and Red Wine Sauce. We would like to add another delicious recipe to the list – Pork with Garlic and Red Wine Sauce
You will enjoy cooking up a scrumptious portion of pork, which will open your eyes to the joy and beauty of searing meat in a skillet. Pan sauces are really a wonderful way for you to enjoy your steak. Just soak your pork in and add whole garlic cloves to make it bring out the flavours.

Ingredients to make the red wine butter sauce:
• 6 whole Pork Chops (medium-to-thin)
• 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
• 2 Tablespoons Butter
• Salt And Pepper
• 1-1/2 cup Red Wine
• 1/2 cup Beef Broth (more If Needed)
• 1 whole Bay Leaf
• 1 Tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar
• 18 whole Peeled Garlic Cloves
• 1 Tablespoon Butter (additional)

• Start by heating oil and butter in a heavy skillet
• Spread salt and pepper on both sides and sear until golden
• Remove the chops from the skillet
• Reduce the fame to medium-high, then add the whole garlic cloves until they are golden brown
• Pour in the red wine and add the bay leaf
• Cook the sauce for several minutes
• Allow the chops to cook in the liquid for a few minutes, and pour in the balsamic
• Cook for a few minutes until the pork chops are well done. Take it out of the pan
• Let the sauce reduce a little more if needed until it’s very thick and rich and the garlic is soft
• Add 1 tablespoon of butter
• Neatly place the pork chops on a platter, then pour the whole skillet of sauce on top

It is divine with some salad, rice and potato wedges! Set the mood for the evening with this mouth-watering delicacy. Enjoyed this recipe? Follow this space for easy cooking with wine recipes!

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How To Sound Like a Wine Connoisseur


Love wine, but don’t know how to talk about it? Adore a bottle of red, but can’t tell a Cab Sauv from a Merlot? A clueless teetotaler eager to impress your wine-tippling superiors at the annual office party? Fret not; you have come to the right blog.

Let’s start with the word ‘connoisseur’. Connoisseur comes from the French word ‘connaitre’ (cone-ethre), meaning ‘to know’. A wine connoisseur therefore is someone who ‘knows’, or is knowledgeable about, wine. Given just how vast oenology (the study of all things related to wine) is, knowing everything there is to know about wine is quite a daunting prospect. What we’re aiming for, of course, is not to know it all—just to know enough to make it sound like you know a lot! This requires knowing at least a little bit about wine, and to use those basic facts to your advantage. Hopefully in the process, you will do more than just impress an audience, and find yourself finally articulating your passion for wine. Here are a few simple tips to help you accomplish this:

Learning the ABCs of Wine
If as the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’, then learning a few key facts about wine and wine appreciation can be tremendously empowering. Read on to find out what these basics are.

Red, white, and blue…sorry, pink. Just how many kinds of wine are there?!
There are as many wines as there are stars in the sky. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but there is a vast array of wines of different colours and flavours, once cultivated in specific regions but now grown across the globe (climate permitting). Here are a few things to remember:

• Wines are distinguished by the type or variety of grape from which they were extracted: so a merlot comes from the merlot grape varietal, while a riesling comes from the rielsling grape. Some of these grapes are named after the region in which they are grown; but this is not true of all grapes. So while Champagne comes from the champagne grape, named after the Champagne valley in France where they were originally cultivated, the same is not true of Cabernet Sauvignons (there is no such ‘place’).
• Wines fall broadly into five categories: reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, and dessert.

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How Long Will Your Favourite Bottle of Wine Last?

White and Red

We have all been there – whether to open that good bottle of wine or not! Not all of us can finish one whole bottle of wine, and wasting it is definitely out of question. When wine is exposed to oxygen, it deteriorates the taste, flavour and aroma of it, and within days turn it into vinegar. So, before you uncork your favourite bottle of wine, you must learn a thing or two about its shelf life.

Red Wine: Red wines like Nine Hills Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Nine Hills Shiraz and Nine Hills Shiraz Rose generally last longer compared to white wines. Darker, heavier wines will last up to a week whereas lighter red wines might be drinkable for about three days. The tannins in the wine help in preventing oxidation, which is the main reason behind wine going bad.

White Wine: The same rule applies to white wines. White wines with heavier body and darker colour last longer than wines with lighter styles. If you are planning to open a bottle of Nine Hills Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc, then we suggest you finish the wine within a day or two, or you might end up wasting it.

Sparkling Wine: Unlike red and white wines, sparkling wine is not meant to be stored for later. Once you open a bottle of champagne, you might as well finish it. Sparkling wines tend to lose their bubbles within 3-4 hours of opening it, so make sure you have wine crazy people around you when you plan to open one of these.

If you really cannot finish that bottle of wine and want to save it for later then you must follow these steps. Stick the cork back in the bottle and close it as tightly as possible. You can vacuum seal the bottle, this will remove some of the oxygen from the bottle and increase its life. Once you seal the bottle, stash the bottle in the refrigerator. This will slow down the oxidization process and might help save your precious wine.

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