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Keeping Stomping Alive..

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

It is fair to say that the 1995 movie, A Walk in the Clouds, starring Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, introduced the world of grapes-stomping to many Indians. And we were immediately blown away by the exotic romance and ritual of an otherwise simple wine-making procedure!!!

Flip through the pages of history and you will learn that grape-stomping had its origins in Rome as early as the 200 BC. For thousands of years, men and women performed the harvest dance in barrels and presses, stomping out the juice from the grapes with their bare feet to be eventually converted to wine.

But as humans stepped into the machine age, grape-stomping with their feet became an increasingly unhygienic prospect!!! Can you imagine having a bottle of wine which was made of grapes stomped with other people’s feet? Did you just recoil in aghast? Well, that’s exactly the reason why many countries have banned grape-stomping for wine production. Commercial production of wine uses machines to crush grapes, thus maintaining complete hygiene….

Despite this, harvests around the world still see stomping festivals for the fun and tradition associated with such events.

Nine Hills organized one last weekend at the Upper Crust Grape Stomping, The Lalith Ashok, Bangalore, in order to keep alive the tradition…

Bringing in this year’s harvest of red grapes — the fun-filled ‘hop-hop’ and ‘chop-chop’ of stomping lured both young and old to the barrels….

Mind you, this is just the start of the season……the winter months come with the promise of more grapes….more opportunities to re-visit tradition…

Hail Stomping!!!

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Nine Hills, Nine Hills Everywhere….

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment

…..and you can drink it too…by the glass!!! For, the floodgates have been opened……

If you live in Gurgaon, Delhi or Ludhiana, or in case you are visiting any of these cities, we have for you a bonanza of offers….

Check out —

  • Café Rouge at Ramada, Gurgaon – where you can have a complimentary glass of Nine Hills wine if you plan to go for the buffet there.

  • Fern Residency Ecotel hotel, Gurgaon – Enjoy our Special Price of Rs.599 on Nine Hills Pint!!!

  • Kipps Store, Ludhiana – You get to take home a Wine Glass complimentary with a bottle of Nine Hills Wine

  • Nesh Wine Studio, Ludhiana – Build on your glasses collection when you buy a bottle of Nine Hills Wine. Take home a glass complimentary

  • Retail Stores (Spencers, Easy Day, Galleria Market, Trinity, Super Mart), Gurgaon — Get two Wine Glasses complimentary with a bottle of Nine Hills Wine while buying your monthly ration.

  • Tonino, MG Road Delhi – Dining at the speciality high-end Italian restaurant? Order a glass of Nine Hills Wine and get a glass complimentary.

  • ND Roya Treat, Regent, Blues, United coffee house (Gurgaon) — Order a bottle of Nine Hills Wine and get a complimentary food platter!!!

It, indeed, is Nine Hills everywhere………..Do you have one in your lips?

No more ‘leftover wine dilemma’

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Say you had your friends’ over for dinner at your place on a Saturday night and you planned to serve wine. Bet, you’d have spent a good amount of time calculating the right quantity to buy – such that you don’t run out of them during the party or you do not have too much unfinished at the end of the get-together. This is quite a catch-22 situation, and chances are that, you’d have ended up buying more so that you do not land yourself at an embarrassing ‘run-out’ situation…..

But the problem starts next morning when you find yourself staring at the unfinished bottle of red/white wine in your refrigerator. For what do the experts tell us about wine bottles that have been opened but not finished? The strict connoisseurs are adamant that wine should be consumed within 6 hours of opening the bottle!!!  If you want a little leeway, all that you get is a disapproving, “Finish it within the next 2 days”…..

In case you do not want to drink it the next day, just try cooking with it — here’s what half a bottle of red/white can do to your regular meal …


Marinade 6-8 lamb chops in the leftover red wine, garlic and salt for about 3 hours. Dry the chops, rub them with some rosemary and cook them in a little olive oil over medium to high heat till they are done per your taste/requirement.

Use the remaining marinade to stir fry canned beans with chopped tomatoes and a spoon of rosemary. Cook for about 5-10 minutes till the beans and tomatoes have mixed well.

Top the chops and have with a slice of garlic bread


Make strips of chicken breasts and season them with salt and pepper. Dip these strips in battered eggs, coat well with grated parmesan cheese and then cook them in oil/butter in medium heat. Once they have turned golden brown, add the leftover white wine and simmer the chicken for about 20 minutes.

Eat with pasta.

Bon Appetit. Nay, Cheers.


PS: share with us what you do with your leftover wine….

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