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Get Ready for the Bubblies

Nine Hills Wine

Who said the hot days are all about chilled beers and aam pannas (for the teetotallers, silly!)? Well, we admit, the hot days of monsoon can make your body a tad too intolerable towards alcohol. But fret not as winemakers around the world work to get some brilliant liqueurs to your tables. For all those who are wary of the heavy-headedness following a lot of wines, this is a perfect time to stock up on the lighter ones. Make sure they are the low-alcohol content versions and with the assortment of flavours Indian cuisine has to offer, the summers are all set to become your favourite season.

Unfortunately, the popularity of wines in India is still at its infancy and a lot of the consumers are not aware of the significance of the Roses. The Roses, also called Blushes, are actually a brilliant mixture of both red and white grapes. One often wonders whether Indians pass over the Roses since these wines are often considered androgynous; the men here have a penchant for the Reds and the ladies love their Whites. The properly chilled bottle of Rose can make for a brilliant afternoon or an evening drink. But of course, there are the more conventional ones for those who love their classics.

Fruity and juicy wines, which are low in alcohol, are hot faves as well. For the ones who fancy their Burgundies a little too much, it’s best to just stick to a young Pinot Noir to avoid the heaviness which can accompany older ones. Sangrias also make for great sips with perfectly wine, fruits and sugar.
Here’s a look at some of the best wines for the Indian summer palate:

Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc
This one is a winner with its “fragrant, lemongrass aromas with almost pungent tomato leaf intensity” and its slightly sweet taste having an essence of “pink grapefruit-like acidity”. With 20% fewer calories than its competitors, I bet you will not regret trying this if you haven’t already.

Nine Hills Shiraz Rose
If you can lay your hands on a good bottle of this humble Indian Blush, you can forget doing anything else on a warm afternoon. Oh, and you can whip up a brilliant Sangria with this one!

Nine Hills Chardonnay
A brilliant species of chardonnay from New Zealand, the creamy flavours of apple and peach make it unbelievably delicious. Add to that a scintillating touch of oak and you have one of the best ones on this list.

Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon
This is for the ones who love a good chilled Red. Meant to be served chilled, it has well-balanced flavours of pomegranate, rose and cherry.

With this list of wines, you can look forward to fresh and exciting noon and eves.

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Pick the right wine for Father’s Day

Make this Father’s Day all the more special by taking time out to select that special wine for your dad. To show how much you love him, you should pick a meaningful wine that would personify him. Here is a list of special wines and that you can choose:

Chenin Blanc: If your dad is an adventurist and loves exploring new things, this wine is perfect for him. This is for those that would love to experiment with something new! With the Chenin Blanc, your dad would love to explore a new taste and discover new things with this wine.


Chenin Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc: Is your dad an idealist? This could be in the way in which he believes in his well-crafted set of values and his subtleties that make him the man that he is today. For the polished man that would love to rub a few of his traits on you, the Sauvignon Blanc can give you those traits and class that he desires in a wine.


Sauvignon Blanc

Shiraz: For the sporting enthusiast that raises the bar when it comes to competition. He believes in the no pain, no gain concept and has a passion for winning. If your dad would like to enjoy his win, the Shiraz would let him taste victory and give him a great sense of achievement.



Viognier:  When it comes to being creative, your dad checks all the boxes. He comes out with the most amazing things and expresses them in ways you would least imagine. The Viognier will help him in his creativity and bring out the best in him.



Cabernet Sauvignon: Does your dad love being the centre of attention? People tend to gravitate towards him and love being around him. Be sure to get a few stares and be the point to which everyone is drawn to.  The Cabernet Sauvignon will add to that exclusiveness that you are looking for with the kind of sparkle and glow that it attracts.


Cabernet Sauvignon

So, choose the right wine list and make your dad feel truly loved and blessed to have you in his life, this Father’s Day.

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