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How to Gift Wrap a Wine Bottle



Wine bottle is the most appreciated gift one can give or receive! It is a gift, which can be given to your friends and family no matter what the occasion, and it will always bring a smile to their faces. Wine bottles by themselves look quite elegant and classy, but if you are buying it for a special occasion, you might as well put in some effort and gift-wrap the wine bottle.  While a wine bottle is an easy gift to give, but it’s difficult to wrap. Here are some ideas to help you gift-wrap a bottle of wine without having to spend too much on the packing.

  1. The easiest way to wrap it is to put it in a gift box. This will save you time and effort and it will still look presentable and better than just handing out a bottle. You can also stick a bow made of ribbons on the bottle to give it a more fun and joyful attire.
  2. One of the most simple and attractive ways to decorate the wine bottle is using Satin ribbon. Buy large double satin ribbon and start wrapping the bottle from the bottom, use glue at the bottom to secure the ribbon and wrap the whole bottle with it. Make a neat, nice bow with twirls and stick it on the mouth of the bottle. This kind of wrapping adds oomph to the bottle.
  3. You can use rope or natural fibre like jute, straw or twine to wrap the bottle. These are extremely cool and elegant options, you can use to gift-wrap the wine bottle for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. They are also great as corporate gifts.
  4. Another simple and cost-effective idea to wrap your bottle of wine is slipping it into in one of the pouches that are readily available in the market. These pouches can be stitched at home with glamorous, glittery cloth to custom-fit the bottle. The best part is that these pouches can be reused for storing small items at home. This can be a perfect housewarming or a get-together gift.

Whatever you choose, make sure the packing doesn’t look tacky. If at any point you feel the bottle isn’t looking attractive, don’t hesitate to strip the wrapping off and gift it the way it is! It is better to give a gift, which is plain and elegant rather than giving one, which looks over-embellished.



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Top 5 Football Giants and Wines


The world’s most awaited sporting event is here, it’s the only time in India when cricket takes a back seat and football fever rules the roost! Football fans from all over the world are glued to their TV sets avidly watching every second of football. There is no better way to enjoy a good game than sipping on some wine with friends and munching on snacks. Want to know the perfect wine for you? Check out our recommendations based on your favorite football team!

Brazil: If we are talking about Football, we are definitely talking about Brazil. Where better to start than with the host country, and the nation that literally owns the game! Brazil is known for its flamboyance and richness in celebration and it’s passion for football. If Brazil is your team then you will surely enjoy the award winning zesty white wine Nine Hills Chenin Blanc. Nine Hills Chenin Blanc has a prominent aroma, crisp and refreshing taste that is very appealing and loved by all, just like Team Brazil. Hence, Chenin Blanc is the perfect wine for Brazil Fans!

Netherlands: Netherlands is probably one of the best football teams to have never won the World Cup. This team has some of the best talents of all time, and they play in the most remarkable manner. If you are a Netherland fan then Nine hills Shiraz is just the perfect wine for you. This wine has mysterious tastes of fruity, cherry and spice that complements the free style of play of the team.
Germany: Germany is one of the most loved teams in International Football. This team is supported not only by Germans but by fans from all over the world. Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect for Germany! This wine, like the German team is most loved and cherished wines. So pick up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and cheer for the German team! Go Germany!

Argentina: Argentina, like Cabernet Sauvignon is not for everyone! We’d like to say it is an acquired taste, but once you get a hold of the taste, you will never let it go and the same goes for Argentina. Once you are an Argentine fan, you will stick to them no matter what! So, let’s sip on Cabernet Sauvignon and cheer for Team Argentina!

Portugal: Portugal has some of the world’s most colourful players, who have made the team one of the best in the world. What makes this team special is their exceptional style that stands out and grabs fans’ attention. If you are a die-hard Portugal fan, then Nine Hills Shiraz is the wine for you! Nine Hills Shiraz has vibrant flavours of cherry, strawberry and spice, which complements the diversity of Portugal team. Every flavor in the wine is unique and cherished by wine lovers, just like the Portuguese football players, who have a great fan following. If you are a fan, then pour yourself a glass of Shiraz and cheer on!

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