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Unusual Uses of Wine – Part 1

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Wine lovers will probably find it ridiculous to do anything else with wine other than drinking it! However, if you have just hosted a party and you have way too many opened bottles of wine, drinking all of it before it gets spoilt is not something we can do, no matter how much we love wine! Wasting your favourite bottle of wine is heartbreaking, so instead put it to some good use. Here are some unusual uses of wine. Get ready to be surprised!

1. Skin softener
Wine, especially red wine contains large amounts of antioxidants, which does not only make it a healthy beverage to consume, but also acts as a skin softener when applied on the skin. Leftover wine acts similar to vinegar, which helps in smoothening as well as brightening the skin. Wine facials are becoming popular with every passing day for its anti-aging properties.

2. Wine Jelly
Leftover wine can easily be turned into wine jelly. If you like wine, you will definitely love this! With just sugar and some pectin, you can turn your favourite wine into some delicious jelly. Who wouldn’t like a nice winey jelly with some exotic cut fruits. Here is the recipe for Wine jelly aka Wine Gummies –

3. Wine cubes
Pour the leftover wine into an ice tray and freeze them. These easy-to-use wine cubes can be used for cooking purposes later on.

4. Vegetable cleaner
Wine is an excellent vegetable and fruit cleaner. The alcohol content in the wine kills the impurities and harmful bacteria present on the surface of the vegetables. Before cutting them, just soak the vegetables in water and add a little wine to it.

5. Disinfectant
Earlier, wine was used as a disinfectant on wounds and bruises. It was believed to heal wounds and remove infection from the affected areas. Maybe not cuts and bruises, but leftover wine can be used to clean and remove impurities from kitchen slabs and counters. It is best to use dry white wines such as Sauvignon blanc to clean the kitchen counters as they won’t leave any wine stains and the acidity in the wine will help in removing even stubborn stains from the surface.
*NOTE: If your kitchen slabs are made out of granite, this should be avoided. The acid in the wine might cause damage to the granite slab.

These are some of the many ways in which wine can be reused! Follow this space for more ideas on using leftover wine in the best way possible.

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Wine FAQS: Part 2

September 23, 2014 Leave a comment


In our previous post, we covered Wine FAQs Part 1, where many of the questions about wine were answered. Wine is one such topic that might seem intimidation at first, but once you understand the etiquettes of wine drinking, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Here are the answers to some of the questions that pop up while discussing wine.

1. Is drinking wine good for you?
It is believed that drinking a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. This is true! Moderate drinking of one or two units of red wine a day lowers cholesterol levels and protects the heart from ailments. Wine contains high amounts of antioxidants, which builds immunity and increases longevity of the person.

2. What is the best way to save leftover wine?
Keeping leftover wine away from air is the only way to save it. The best way to save leftover wine is to transfer it into a smaller container and store it in the refrigerator. Another way is to pour the leftover wine into an ice tray and freeze it. This can be used for cooking later on. However, it’s best to finish the wine bottle once opened, since storing it might weaken the flavor of the wine.

3. What exactly are ‘legs’ and what do they tell you?
Smell, swirl, sip and savour are the four steps to enjoying wine. When you swirl wine in a wine glass, tears of wine stream down on the sides of the glass. These tear streams of wine are called ‘Legs’ in wine lingo. The quality, alcohol content and consistency of the wine can be judged looking at these wine tears.

4. How do you tell if a wine is too old to drink?
Storing an open bottle of wine is not an easy task. If you have an opened bottle of wine which you are not able to finish, chances are that it will spoil if not stored carefully. This is because of the oxidization process that takes place the minute the bottle is uncorked. You can tell immediately if the wine is too old or spoilt to drink. The wine will have sherry-like smell and will taste dull and lifeless. The white wines usually darken in colour while the red wines lose its rich red colour and turn dull brown or lighter red.

We hope these helped you understand wine a little better than before. Follow this space to learn more about your favourite drink.

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