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Benefits of Drinking Wine


After a hard day’s work, there is nothing like unwinding with a glass of wine and relaxing at home. Discover why you should be raising a glass of wine everyday for yourself! It may sound too good to be true but drinking wine is actually good for your health. Recent studies have found that consumption of wine in moderation can have a positive impact on your health and increase your lifespan.

Louis Pasteur was of the opinion, “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” And, here are some facts which prove him right!

  1.  Studies show that consuming one glass of red wine on a regular basis can lower the risk of Diabetes. Red wine can help keep the sugar levels in check and it prevents diabetes later in life.  Wine has high amounts of antioxidants, which helps in keeping Type 2 diabetes at bay.
  2. Drinking wine keeps the heart healthy. Wine contains a magic antioxidant compound called Resveratrol. This compound helps in preventing cardio-vascular diseases and protects the arteries from the effects of saturated fats in the food we eat. Hence, it is best to drink wine with your evening meal.
  3. Wine can prevent weight gain! This might be one of the best reasons to gulp down a glass of wine every day. When a person sips wine, the temperature of the body increases resulting in fat burning and increased metabolism in the body.
  4. Drinking white wine helps to keep the lungs healthy. Some researchers are of the opinion that people who drink wine regularly have better lung function than those who don’t.
  5. Red wine is especially good for delaying aging process. Grapes have a special quality in them to protect and repair the skin.

These are some of the many benefits of drinking wine. Every day the list of benefits of wine seems to be getting longer, and we have a lot more reasons to rejoice and toast! So Wine-on!

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Wine Lingo Every Wine lover should know – Part 2


We have already covered a beginner’s guide to wine lingo and with this post, we will delve deeper into the exciting world of wine. After this you won’t feel lost when in company of a connoisseur, whether at a restaurant, friend’s party or just at the store to buy wine. Let’s get right to it…

Body: Body in wine terms is the consistency of the wine – how thin or thick the wine feels when it is in the mouth. Light-bodied winehas a mild taste and feels thin in the mouth. Medium-bodied wine denotes a full-flavored wine, which is not too heavy when in the mouth. Heavy bodiedwines are rich and strong wines and feel very robust and heavy.

Nose: Many Winos use the word Nose instead of using smell or aroma of the wine.The nose of a wine is sensed best by the aroma just after the wine is swirled in the glass.

Sommelier:  This French word is pronounced So-Mel-Yay. It meanswine steward in French and they are widely usedin many fine-dining restaurants and at wine events.They are stewards who have a wide knowledge of wine; and are invaluable in helping guests choose wines in parties and events.

Crisp: Crisp in wine denotes a fresh, young wine with good acidity.

Mouth-feel: Mouth-feel is a term, which describes the richness or thinness of a wine; the aging process of wine often determines the mouth-feel.

There you have it – Your guide to wine lingo! So next time you relax with a glass of wine, show off your wine-vocabulary as you take your enjoyment of fine wine to the next level. Cheers and enjoy your wine.

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