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Top Wine Destinations Around the World

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Tasting wines from around the world is definitely a transporting experience, but traveling to those places and sipping their wine is something that every wine lover should experience at least once a lifetime. Wine vacations are all about sipping quality wines from some of the best vineyards, relishing sumptuous meals and enjoying the scenic view of the vineyards while doing so.

If wine vacation is on your bucket list, then this list of must-visit places for wine lovers might come in handy while planning your dream vacation.

Tuscany: Tuscany is a small region located in the centre part of Italy. This tops the list of wine destinations mainly for its iconic wines such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Tuscany, the famous wine region of Italy is known for its scenic and picturesque landscapes. The breathtaking view of the hills, pleasant climate, beautiful wineries and most of all, the delicious wines, makes Tuscany one of the best wine destinations in the world.

Napa Valley: The widely popular, Napa Valley is a located in the Napa Country of California. Napa Valley is one of the best wine-growing regions of the world. This region consists of hundreds of wineries, and each of them producing wines of best quality and standard. The combination of Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscape and excellent wines makes this the ultimate destination for wine lovers.

Loire Valley: Loire Valley is located in Central France. This is one of the well-know wine-growing regions of the world, popular for their lush green vineyards, lovely climate and some finest French vintage wines. Muscadets, Crisp Sauvignon Blancs, Smoky Cabernets are some of their popular wines.

Constantia Valley: This suburb is located 30kms away from Cape Town, South Africa. Constantia Valley has become one of South Africa’s top tourist and wine destinations. People from all over the world visit the beautiful valley of Constantia for its panoramic Mountain View and bespoke wines. This Cape Town’s vineyard is a combination of simplicity and sophistication, making it a perfect vacation spot for oenophiles.

These are some of the top wine destinations of the world. So, start saving up and planning your dream wine vacation!

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Wine at the Movies

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If you love wine, chances are that you will enjoy movies that are based on wine making and wine tasting as well. There is definitely something magical about wine, and many of the filmmakers have captured the magic on to the silver screen as well. There have been very many movies made on wine and here is a list of top 3 movies based on wine!

Sideways: If you love wine then this movie is a must-watch. Sideways is a story about two old friends who set off on a wine tasting road trip to the vineyards of the Santa Ynez Valley, California. It is a comedy-drama about an odd pair, a struggling writer and a soon-to-be-married lad. The crazy transition of love and friendship, loneliness and hopes and the continuing war between Pinot and Cabernet wines, makes this a favourite among all the movies made on wine.

French Kiss: This Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline starrer film is a romantic comedy shot in the vineyards of France. Even though the film is not directly related to wine, the main protagonist’s family is the owner of a French vineyard in the film. The backdrop of the beautiful vineyards and the gripping story of the main leads keep the audience glued to the screen. You might even learn a thing or two about wine while watching this rom-com.

A Good Year: A Good Year is a story of a man who inherits a vineyard in Provence from his uncle. Apart from some excellent acting by Russell Crowe, you can look forward to seeing some beautifully shots of vineyards in this film. After watching this movie, you will probably have a strong urge to go buy yourself a nice vineyard and spend the rest of your life growing grapes and making wine.

These are the top 3 movies which come to mind while you think of movies made on wine. Follow this space for the next three movies made on wine. Wine lovers are definitely going to enjoy

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