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6 Tempting Reasons to Finish That Bottle of Wine

January 29, 2014 Leave a comment


If you are one of those people who hosted a New Year’s party at home, then this post is just for you! Apart from cleaning up the mess, you’ve probably been left with stacks of empty wine bottles. Wine bottles can be disposed by recycling them but they can also be reused and upcycled into gorgeous home and garden décor.

Wine bottles have a unique shape, which makes them a versatile décor item. Here are some innovative ways of upcycling and reusing wine bottles.


Bottle vase: Wine bottles have a rich elegant color, which makes them a perfect centerpiece for your living room. This is a simple and easy way to reuse wine bottles in home décor. You can choose either spray paint the glass bottle or leave as is. For the more ambitious, cut the mouth of bottle to make it look more interesting.

Lamps: Wine bottles work great as lamps. Drill a hole at the bottom of the bottle and insert serial LED lights into the bottle. The bottles can be painted different colors and designs for an added festive effect.

Herb garden: Herb garden is an interesting way of adding style and utility to your garden. Cut the bottom part of the bottle using a bottle cutter and smoothen the edges. Turn the bottle upside down, secure it with jute rope, and place the herbs inside. Hang them in your garden or the backyard for a rustic effect.

Light/bulb shades: Transform wine bottles into lampshades by cutting the bottle into half. Remove the cork and place a bulb inside. The color of the bottle adds a soft glow of warmth to the ambience of the room.


Candle stand: Cut the bottle into two halves, the bottom half can be use as a candleholder and the top half of the bottle can be used as a candle shade. These bottles can be painted using nail paint or spray paint.


Wall decorative: Use empty wine bottles to make wall decorative or room separators.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas, here’s to many more empty wine bottles in 2014!

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Belgaum Wine fest 2014 – 3 dazzling days of wine extravaganza!

January 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Belgaum Wine festival 2014 was a first of its kind event to be organized in Belgaum which was held by the Karnataka Wine Board in association with the Horticulture department. Spread over three days, from Jan 10th -Jan 12th – this event saw the coming together of the grape makers, grape producers and end consumers, on a common platform – all in the love of wine!

Inaugurated by the Rajya Sabha Member Prabhakar Kore, this wine fest saw as many as 11 wineries, eight from across the state and two from Maharashtra and one from Australia exhibiting different variety of grape wines at the festival.

Belgaum having a considerable doctor fraternity, the health benefits of wine was major topic of highlight. The queries of the visitors ranging from, ‘What is a dry wine?’ to ‘Which wines could be used for cooking?’ were addressed.

Nine Hills Wine had a prominent stall displayed which had several visitors making a beeline for the wines.

Here are a few highlights from the event:





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