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The Stars pick your Wine!

October 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Every Zodiac has its own peculiarities that give people their own ‘zing’ of uniqueness. Though all wine people share a common love for good wine, Nine Hills Wine has got the perfect wine and zodiac pairings!

Aries-The Ram 22nd Mar -21st April

The bright and energetic ram is always looking for thrills and adventure. ‘Fireballs’ is a correct term for these smart, honest and active people for whom life is synonymous with adventure. Known to be the ‘child’ among all the zodiacs, Arians never really grow old. For their youthful exuberance, their wine must have some exciting flavors like fresh lime, passion fruit, pineapple and gooseberry while for their straightforward easy manner, they need something, which would be light on the palate without unnecessary sweetness. A well-structured wine with a lingering finish to play with their palate long after, is what they would really enjoy. Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect match here.


Taurus-The Bull 22nd April-21st May

Taurus is all about strength, stamina and an unbendable will power. Not the one to escape, hurry or scamper off, the bull will stand majestically in the face of the worst circumstances. Taureans understand time and can let time take its own pace since they have the patience and the self-respect to never compromise on their values. A full-bodied wine for their down to earth and practical nature would complement them the best. Also for their unbeatable strength, a wine that expresses flavors like strong dark berries, powerful espresso, potent black pepper, exotic nuts with a surprise bouquet of vanilla, catering to their inner simplicity is what they should look for. Nine Hills Shiraz Reserve it is.


Gemini-The Twins 22nd May-21st June

Those that are Gemini are seldom at one place for long. Great flirts and flamboyant to the core, they love parties and being the center of attention. They are great conversationalists who are always fond of learning new things. For their love of novelty and their passion for exploration, it would not be fair to limit the twins to just one Nine Hills Wine. After all, there are always two of them – one to always contradict the other on making a rigid choice of wine. So for the Gemini people especially we recommend the whole range of Nine Hills Wine just like the whole range of personalities that they can be. They could go for any aromas – Fruity, spicy, tangy ; Any kind of wine body – full, light, medium or Any type of wine colors – red, golden, pink, straw – Gemini can want anything and must have it.


Cancer-The crab 22nd June-21st July

A typical Cancerian is all about food and family. They are warm, kind and beautiful hearted people. Always seeking security, they tend to get easily suspicious of anything, which breaks away from the tradition. With a penchant for love, affection and perfect romance, the ideal crab loves to love and loves to be in love.
A pale colored wine is perfect for a Cancerian and its medium body would feel comfortable on their palate. Some sweetness with light floral aromas and some strong tropical fruit flavors would further go on to feel just right for this lovely, dreamy, romantic Cancerian. Nine Hills Chenin Blanc would do justice here.


Leo-The Lion 22nd July-21st Aug

The lion loves all things big and grand. Game for anything that gets the adrenaline pumping, Leos are also known for being seriously charming flirts who love to hunt. They are mostly the life of the party wherever they are and love to make jokes to laugh thunderously.
For their truly flamboyant yet powerful style, they must go for something as peppy and stylish as them. A golden colored wine (goes with the lion’s mane), with a lingering finish, just like the lingering charm of a Leo, would complement their style best. Aroma of passion fruit and other lively yellow fruits like fresh lime, gooseberries and pineapples would further seal the deal. Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc it is – through and through.

Virgo-The Virgin 22nd Aug-21st Sep

The virgin spells class and a sophisticated style. Sensible and practical people, they hate pompousness and display of emotions. Having everything planned out and always knowing the next step is what truly makes them happy. A good wine for them would express flavors like cherry to denote their simple sweet nature; vanilla, for a classy virgin like purity and capsicum, dedicated to the times a practical Virgo would say, ‘greens are good for health’. Furthermore, the wine should have a medium body with a well-balanced acidity to cater to the organizational sensibilities of the Virgo. Some soft tannins to charm their palate will leave them with a lingering sensation of security and comfort, something which Virgo finds enticing.
Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon would suit them to the T.


Libra-The Scales 22nd Sep-21st Oct

Known as the sweetheart of the zodiac, Libras are known for everything fun and romantic. They are able to get along with almost anyone and find no difficulty in making friends with their fun loving and sweet nature. Pink is a favorite color of many Libran females and it is the color that surrounds a debonair Libran male who’s mostly a hit with the women. Hence, a vibrant pink colored wine with tinges of violet would suit their tender loving side. Librans like to live with high taste and so a crisp and refreshing wine would do them good. Finally, for being such a sweetheart, they would need aromas of cherries and strawberries. Nine Hills Shiraz Rosé is a match made in heaven for our Librans here.

Scorpio-The Scorpion 22nd Oct – 21st Nov

Highly magnetic with a powerful personality to boot, a Scorpio can pierce through the façade of others and can see people’s real motives and desires instantly. The ‘extreme-lover’ of all the zodiacs, Scorpios does everything with great intensity and to the extreme – whether it is love, hate, work, revenge or care. For the broody and secretive Scorpio, a dark red wine would make a good complement while their underplayed yet strong, mystical and intuitive capabilities will be showcased best through tinges of violet, the color of royalty and magic. Furthermore, Scorpios are all about passion and their wine must be felt intensely on their palate – so a full-bodied wine definitely. A smoky wine would do justice to their mysterious ways while the aroma of cherry, strawberry with hints of spice will do perfectly well to complement the easygoing image they portray to the world. Nine Hills Shiraz would turn on any Scorpio.


Sagittarius –The Centaur 22nd Nov-21st Dec

The friendly and honest centaur is one easily liked, they are ones to always see the positive side of everything and has a cheerful optimistic way of seeing life. The centaur is an explorer and usually Sagittarians tend to travel a lot or explore life in a philosophical manner. They are extremely generous with their time and money while being a bit naïve about the societal mores. A bit of a rebel, they like to make their own rules about everything. A pretty pink wine like Nine Hills Shiraz Rose would suit their happy go lucky and easily likeable manner or even a Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc can suit their actively exploratory and adventurous lives.


Capricorn-The goat 22nd Dec-21st Jan

Resourceful and level headed, Capricorns have an air of maturity, irrespective of their age. The goat knows, from an early stage how to climb any mountain and to persevere. No matter what their background, these people will always bear an air of regality and polish about them. A perfect wine pairing for them has to be the one which has been matured over time. A wine whose grapes could be easily cultivated just like the unique Capricornian ability to be able to grow anywhere and despite everything. The grapes of the wine must have thick skins over a succulent interior, which would again complement the Capricorn who beneath a reserved and aloof exterior, are all delicately romantic and beautiful. For their rock solid grounded nature, they need a full-bodied wine with soft tannins to leave its weight and lingering delicacy. Aromas of cherry, light spices, black berries and a bouquet of vanilla would simply put the Capricorn at ease and in good humor. Perfect match – Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.


Aquarius-The water bearer 22nd Jan-21st Feb

The water bearer’s nature shows dual characteristics, not easily understood by others. They come across as friendly and lively people who love being around others yet from time to time, they turn serious and broody intellectuals. Their perfect wine must be complex, just like their multifarious personality. The fact that it could be paired well with seafood, salads and Thai cuisine would be a bonus since our typical Aquarian would dig these dishes. Furthermore, for our fashion savvy Aquarian; we would need a pale golden wine which tastes just a little bit sweet, to complement their chic and urbane style. Finally, the nose of peach, lychee and violets to make the water bearer feel sensual. The perfect wine for them is no other than the Nine Hills Viognier.


Pisces-The fish 22nd Feb-21st Mar

The fish is intuitive and has a great imagination. They can practically live in their dreams and convince others about them just as well.
A light straw color would remind them of then endless days they spent daydreaming and chewing on a straw. The light floral aroma would have to be there for their refined nature and prominent tropical fruit aromas would be for remind them of all the reveries they had of travelling to distant lands and finding themselves. The fact that the wine would pair well with salads, cheeses, slightly spicy food and fish of course, would make it delectable for them. The taste needs to be crisp and refreshing to give them a pleasant surprise to their laid back palate and it needs to be just a little bit sweet for our Pisces to again start dreaming of something as beautiful. Nine Hills Chenin Blanc will do the trick.


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It was all about the WINE at the Mysore Wine Festival!

October 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Earlier this month wine lovers from Mysore were in for a treat! The Karnataka Wine Board, Bangalore, and the Department of Horticulture collaborated and organized the Mysore Wine Festival that took place on the 18th-20th Oct.

Nine Hills Wine at the Mysore Wine Festival

Nine Hills Wine Mysore Wine Festival


The three day event was conducted at the Oil Palm Project Office in Mysore and drew connoisseurs from across the erstwhile princely city of Mysore.


The event encouraged the cultivation and the founding of more vineyards urging land owners to switch from tobacco cultivation to the planting of grapes in the state.


With 11 Wineries from across the country participating, the festival was open to all and was the ideal space for several wine centered activities like special wine tastings, education on wine and food pairings, a fun-filled grape stomping and a plethora of musical and cultural programs.


The fete also focused on the multitude of health benefits wine drinkers enjoyed – as an elixir and in shackling the progress of heart disease and cancer.


The Nine Hills Wines Stall at the festival was one that buzzed with activity, offering wine lovers tasting samplers, special festival discounts and free gifts and goodies on the purchase our gorgeous wines!

The event was a precursor to The International Wine Festival in Bangalore that will be the highlight of the holiday season this December!


Watch out for more events with  Nine Hills- this November, we will be at Bangalore’s  favorite flea market extravaganza – Soul Sante and at The Bandra Wine Tasting Festival in Mumbai! We look forward to seeing our Nine Hills faithful there!