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Wine Lingo Every Wine Drinker Should Know

February 25, 2014 Leave a comment


If you are a novice wine drinker and just discovered your love for wine, Wine lingo is something you should explore. Wine lingo can be quite intimidating for a beginner and gets frustrating when talking to a wine expert or a store sales man. To avoid any such incidences, its best to know a few words, which can help you while talking about the wine you love! To help you start off, here are a few basic wine terms you may encounter while reading or talking about wine.

      1. Acidity: Acidity means power of the wine. It denotes the sour-factor present in the wine. Acidity in wine can make the wine more interesting and flavorsome. The right balance of acidity in the wine can make the wine taste crisp and brisk.
      2. Finish: A finish is the last flavor or impression that remains in the mouth after swallowing the wine. It could stay for a short span or a long span and the wines finish is the ultimate indicator of its quality.
      3. Bouquet: A bouquet in wine lingo means aromas of a mature wine. When wine is stores in a bottle for a long period, it develops a unique aroma of its own, which is referred as bouquet.
      4. Flat: This is usually reference in context of a sparkling wine, such as Cava or champagne. It refers to wines, which have lost its fizz and bubbles. Flat wines would have lost their acidity and taste.
      5. Dry: Dry in wine lingo means not sweet.

One can enjoy wine without even knowing the language, but knowing the language certainly helps. It also makes you look a little more sophisticated and increases your chance to impress someone, be it a lady or a client. So just get familiar and start drinking!

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14 things to do before 14th Feb’14

February 3, 2014 Leave a comment


The countdown to the most romantic day of the year begins! Recreate the magic this Valentine’s Day & fall in LOVE all over again. Follow these simple tips and learn amazing ways to woo your loved one!

1. Take Your Spouse by Surprise! Send an ‘I LOVE YOU’ note to work, stick a post-it on the mirror or send a recording from your phone! Be Creative!

2. Dedicate a song on the Radio! What better way to express your love than announcing it to the world! This will never fail to bring a smile on your spouse’s face.

3. One single rose can create magic! It is a cliché but you can never go wrong with flowers!

4. Wine and Dine! Buy a bottle of your spouse’s favorite wine, light those scented candles and order for some yummy food.

5. It’s okay to be Cheesy! Think outside of the chocolate box and be original this Valentine’s Day. Buy a block of your favorite cheese and make delicious appetizers for your loved one. A bottle of wine with that cheese can make your evening a memorable one!

6. Unleash your funny bone! Catch a comedy show or rent DVDs of your favorite standup comics and bond with your loved one over a good laugh!

7. Watch the sunset together. Grab a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy the sunset together. Enjoying little things in life is what holds love and romance together.

8. Dig up old photographs and make a digital collage to relive the magic of your relationship all over again.

9. Plan a movie night. Cuddle up with your partner with some wine and popcorn and enjoy your day at home watching your favorite movies.

10. Set the mood for love! Buy scented candles and essential oils to add charm to the valentine’s night.

11. Get a makeover! Give yourself a fabulous makeover and surprise your partner.

12.  Get physical! Go on walks together or jump into a swimming pool. Spending quality time together and make memories!

13. Go on a long drive and play romantic music. Sing along and have a good time.

14.  Love is in the air! Buy helium balloons and decorate your bedroom.

Start preparing for Valentine’s day with these amazing ideas and get ready to knock your loved one’s socks off!

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