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Wine and Music. Nay, Music and Wine.

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

“Madder Music, Stronger Wine”

Simple words and yet so true. It is believed that music influences the way wine tastes. That must be the reason why professional wine tastings are done in absolute silence. Like with food and glassware, music pairing is also gaining popularity as wine lovers believe that playing a certain type of music can enhance the way wine tastes.

Listen to Mozart while drinking your favourite Nine Hills Wine Cabernet. And then switch to Metallica with the same wine. Does the wine taste different? It is not that we notice new flavors when the music changes. The flavors are there all along, but the music makes us change the way we perceive them. Some music makes us pay more attention to astringency present in the wine while with other music; we tend to ignore the strong flavors and tannins in the wine.

Nine Hills Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon is most affected by “powerful and heavy” music and Chardonnay by “zingy and refreshing” sounds. Pinot noir tastes amazing with Mozart.

Open a bottle of your heavy and full-bodied red and you will feel like listening to soulful and melancholic music.Experiment it yourself; invite a few friends, open your favorite red wine while listening to soulful ghazals and take a trip down the memory lane. There is something about red wine and ghazals that makes you feel nostalgic and makes those old forgotten memories resurface.

And why is it that on listening to jazzy upbeat numbers while drinking champagne pulls out more and more layers of creamy nuttiness and fresh flavors of luscious, ripe grapes from the champagne.

Feel like having white wine? Put some country and western music. Simple chords and country instruments like guitars, banjos and harmonicas will make your wine drinking a memorable affair.

So what are you waiting for? Fill a glass of wine as per your mood and put on some music accordingly and unwind after a long day. Life’s good!


Hurray!!! Holidays!!! What Plans?

December 15, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s that time of the year again, nip in the air (‘chill’ is the word for the North and North-East), fog in the mornings, cup of ‘chai’ tasting heavenly, schools about to shut for a couple of weeks, bosses willingly allowing you the leave of absence you have been accumulating over the year, picnic plans, get-togethers, savouring delectable food, fashionable winter clothing…. magic in the air!!! Surely you have plans to make the most of this season. And fret not if for some reason you are not going on a leisure travel this season……there’s so much to do at home


  • Bond. Spend time with your family. Do simple things in the house that don’t cost much, but are meaningful – make a bird-house for your child, take over the break-fast preparing chore from your Mom for a week (notice how happy that makes her!!!), spouses cooking together, siblings making hand-made cards for friends/family. Get in touch with friends…


  • Read that book you have been planning to for a long time. Classic lovers, “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee never fails to steal your heart. There’s an Oscar winning movie on it too, with Gregory Peck (!!!) on the lead. But nothing beats reading the book – your choice though. Readers who thrive on non-fiction, how about laying your hands on Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson? It’s voluminous and will get you a complete insight on the man who changed the world!!

  • Watch some GOOD movies – bother the multiplexes showing commercial stuff!!  Get to the nearest  DVD store — Dev Anand’s ‘Guide’, Guru Dutt’s “Pyasa”, Dilip Kumar’s “Mughal-e-Azam”, Amitabh-Dharmendra’s “Sholay”, Amol Palekar’s “Golmaal”……., is worth watching many times over. Western movie lovers, how about “Se7en”, “Pursuit of Happiness”, “12 Angry Men”, “Breakfast at Tiffany”?

  • Garden. This is the right season to grow Petunias, Sweet Williams, Carnations, Roses, Sweet-peas, Calendulas, Chinese Umbrellas….And try your hand at growing your own herbs like Coriander, Basil and veggies like tomatoes, spring onions, brinjal, chillies. Urban farming is ‘in’ and whatmore!! There’s no bigger joy than seeing your sapling grow into plants to bear flowers and fruits!!!


  • Listen and groove to some great music amongst all this. The choice and genre can be so overwhelming, let’s not even get to taking names. Suffice to say that you MUST give “Kolaveri di’ a miss and get into some meaningful melodies, instrumentals….


Plans needn’t be big to have a GREAT time. Your special touch and thoughts are enough to make you and your loved ones happy this festive season.

Cheers!!! And spread the cheer!!!