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Unusual Uses of Wine – Part 2

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In our previous post, Unusual Uses of Wine we covered some of the amazing uses of wine, of course apart from drinking it. In this post, you can read about some more unusual uses of leftover or spoilt wine. Check it out!

Clear up grease stains: Do you have oil or grease stains on the floor of your driveway or parking area? No amount of scrubbing and cleaning with detergent can rid the stains of the floors but just try pouring a glass of leftover red or white wine on the surface. Leave it for a few hours and wipe it clean with a cotton cloth. You will be impressed with the results.

Cooking with wine: If you have an opened bottle of wine that you cannot finish, don’t fret! You can always use leftover wine for cooking; it will add a unique flavor and aroma to the dish. You can cook with any type of wine, regardless of its type or price. Use it for marinating the meat and vegetable or as a salad dressing.
Hair care: This might come as a surprise to you, but rinsing your hair with wine after shampoo can help reduce hair fall and add luster and shine to dull hair.

Clean Glass: Another amazing way of using up leftover wine could be in cleaning glass and mirrors at home. Spray some wine and use a soft cotton cloth or newspaper to wipe the glass. It definitely works like a charm!

Fabric dye: All of us, at some point in time have accidentally ruined our favourite white blouse by spilling wine on it. And, wine stains are something that is very difficult to get rid of, if not attended to immediately. However, wine can be used as a fabric dye, so instead of throwing away a perfectly good blouse, you can dye it using red wine.

With all these amazing ways, you will never have to throw away leftover or spoilt wine ever again!

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Things You Need To Know To Sound Smart About Wine

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When it comes to wine, there is a lot to learn about which can certainly seem intimidating, especially for a wine newbie. So, before you learn everything from the soil where the grapes are grown, the aging process, fermentation to serving and tasting wine, you can learn some basic things about wine that will help you sound smart about it when you are talking to the oenophiles. There are many kinds of wine lovers- from social drinkers to winos to wine connoisseurs. No matter where you fall on the scale, every wine drinker should know some basic terms and things about wine.

1. Learn the lingo: Learn the meanings of some of the commonly used wine terms such as thin/thick, finish, nose, dry/sweet, acidity, body and tannic. Most wine lovers use these terms while talking about wine and knowing what they mean will help contribute to the conversation.

2. Learn the Types: If you are a wine newbie, you might not know much about wine except that they come in three varieties – White, Red and Pink. However, knowing a thing or two about each kind might help you. Here are some popular wines that are served at the restaurants and wine tasting events – Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah/Shiraz, Chianti, Merlot and Sherry. Learn the names, pronounce it right and save yourself from the embarrassment of looking like a beginner in front of wine connoisseurs.

3. Learn the five S’s of Wine tasting: Unlike other drinks, wine tasting is more of an art. There is an accepted way of drinking wine that is followed by every wine drinker – See, swirl, sniff, sip and savour. Also, always remember to hold the wine glass by its stem while drinking wine, as holding it by the bowl can alter the taste of wine.

Learn the basics and sound smart about wine while talking to wine connoisseurs at a party or a wine tasting event. Enjoy!

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