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Organizing a Wine Dinner

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

As the wine culture in India is rapidly taking momentum, more and more people have started taking their wines seriously. You will find wines being served not only at big lavish parties but also at casual home dinners. You can organize your own wine dinner and make a success of it by following a few guidelines.

The first rule of thumb is to pair your wine well with the kind of food you are serving as the subtle taste of wine can bring out the fine flavors of the food. If you are serving more than one kind of wine with the meal, the general theory is to serve white wines before reds, light wines before heavier and bolder ones, and dry wines prior to sweeter ones.

Every wine lover knows the rule of pairing the meat with red wine and fishes with white wine but when it comes to multi-course Indian cuisine, with its complex flavors of spices and sauces, it becomes a different ballgame altogether. In here, it would be better to consider the manner in which the dish is cooked, which part of the country the dish belongs to, what the key ingredients are and which spices have been used. And finally the key is to trust your own sense of taste and what you think you enjoy the most.

For the aperitifs, serve your guests some dry and refreshing wines. A glass of bubbly (champagne) and sparkling wines with delicate hors d’oeuvres should be ideal to start with. They cleanse the palate and their neat acidity helps in working up the salivary glands. Our Nine Hills Shiraz Rose with its fruity aromas is perfect for appetizers and light entrées.

Red wine is a good match for red meat, barbeques and chicken. Our feisty red wines, Nine Hills Shiraz and Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon can stand up to fiery and intense food favoring chilly, garlic and spices.

For lightly spiced vegetarian dishes or sea food, you will do amazingly well by choosing a crisp and delicate white wine like our own Nine Hills Sauvignon Blanc.

And finally, to satiate your sweet tooth, you can serve sweet wines also called dessert wines (as the late harvests have a generous amount of residue sugar in it) as an accompaniment to a dessert or as the dessert itself.

If you are ever in doubt, then champagne is your savior as you can never go wrong with serving champagne. The bubbly sparkling wine pairs tremendously well with most Indian dishes.

Now make a child’s play out of your wine dinner. Bon Appétit!


Nine Hills Wine

October 14, 2011 1 comment

Boring header? Where is that catchy headline, the embellishment, which works up images in the minds? Like how we have them for our homes. Cars.Phones (!!). And women would rather be caught dead than be without them!!!

Yup. Accessories!!! They transform the boring, dull to dapper, debonair.

And again, wine is no different – despite being a classy and sophisticated drink, it needs/has its share of ‘add-ons’ to glamorise it further… already know about the right glasses, the bottle openers, wine coolers. But have you heard of wine collars (!!), decanters, stoppers, clips? Bet you didn’t…or even if you did, you don’t mind another read….

  • Wine Glasses: Societal suicide, if you serve the reds or whites in wrong glasses. General rule – Glasses with wide, round bowls for red wines, long stem with a tall, narrow bowl for champange, smaller mouth glasses for white wines.

  • Bottle Openers: Of course, for wines that have corks!! There are numerous types of openers, like simple corkscrew, the screwpull lever, wine poppers and the most simple, wine key.

  • Wine Coolers: After all, it is imperative to chill wine. One can use small table-top or a glacette (simple insulated container) to chill one bottle. Restaurants often use larger refrigerator style units that store dozens of bottles at selected temperatures.

  • Wine Decanters:You got it right!! This is a glass vessel where an entire bottle of wine is poured to air it, remove sediments and stylishly pour into glasses. Make sure you use a decanter if you are serving older vintages…..

  • Wine Racks: Those cool looking racks we have seen in restaurants and stylish homes, where the wine bottle is stored lying down. Get one for your bar for the ultimate style statement!!!

  • Wine Stopper:No amount of planning can help with how many bottle you may need for your guests…and there are always leftovers. Fret not. Get a wine stopper to close leftover wine bottles before refrigerating them.  They are available in three versions – cork, rubber and plastic, and may have their tops decorated with precious metals/crystals. Get the one that suits your pocket the best!!!!

  • Wine Collar: Yup!! You read it right….its collars. These fit round the neck of a wine bottle. to absorb any drip that may run down the bottle after pouring. We don’t like stains, do we?

Convinced why we need the accessories?

Now shouldn’t we redo the caption of this feature? Nine Hills Wine – Jazz it up!!!