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10 Reasons to Drink Wine this Summer


The sultry days of summer here again! The temperatures are soaring, we all have our own personal ways to beat the heat, whether it is cooling off in a neighborhood pool, taking a vacation, or blasting air conditioner in our homes. Whatever might be your way of cooling off this summer, it always helps when you have a cool beverage to sip on.

Before you grab a cool drink, fruit juice or beer to go with your meal, it’s time to give wine a chance to be a summer favorite!

  1. Wine cocktails to beat the heat: Wine cocktails/spritzers are easy to make and they are great for warm weather. White wine spritzers are one of the most underappreciated coolers of the summer. The best part about these spritzers is that they pair well with any kind of food, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re serving.
  2. Wine spritzers are low-cal: Wine has fewer calories compared to any other alcoholic beverage, but what’s even better for the calorie conscious are wine spritzers. They have lesser calories than straight wine. If you are trying to shed a few kilos this summer, this is the drink for you.
  3. Wine for the heart: Red wine helps in keeping the heart healthy. Some studies suggest that extreme weather conditions can heat up heart related problems, thus drinking red wine in moderation makes sure the heart is healthy and pumping in summer.
  4. Chilled or not, they taste great: It is best to chill the wines before you drink it, especially in summer. However, wine is a drink, which can be enjoyed even if it is not chilled. This makes wine one of the most preferred drinks to carry when on a road trip ( not for the driver , of course!) or even when you are having a small picnic with your family.
  5. BBQ parties and Wine: Summer time calls for barbecue parties! And barbecue party without wine is a big no-no.
  6. Experiment and fun: Summer is all about adventure and trying out new things. You may have thought of wine as something classy and elite, but it’s time to change that perception and have fun. Experiment with wines, try reds, white, pinks, oaky, bodied etc, you never know what might appeal to you. Be adventurous, because summer is all about fun.
  7. Better skin with tasty wine: This is something most of us are unaware of – drinking wine in moderation helps in keeping the skin healthy. Wine helps in keeping the skin healthy and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Summer or not, this is a great reason to drink wine.
  8. Wine all day: Wine is something, which is perfect for any time of the day. You can get away drinking wine with your brunch, without getting a stink eye from anybody.
  9. Wine coolers keep you hydrated: It is better to make yourself a wine cooler in summer, as it keeps your body hydrated. Alcohol leaves your body dehydrated and this can cause health problems, especially in summer, thus drink wine coolers and quench your thirst!
  10. Wine crafts: Start emptying wine bottles, so that you can make some great crafts from the bottles and corks. Summer time means craft time, so get to work and drink your wine.

So, here are your top 10 compelling reasons why you should drink wine this summer. Enjoy your summer and wine on!

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Host a Chic Cricket Wine Soiree


While most people think of wine parties as elite social gatherings at a multi-star hotel or a wine tasting event, but you can always break through the norm by hosting a chic yet fun wine party at home! This might be the best time to gather friends and family and enjoy the evening watching cricket and sipping wine. The IPL finals are just around the corner, and what better excuse do you need than organising a nice cricket wine party at home. With a little preparation and shopping, a cricket wine soiree can be fun, easy, and budget-friendly.

So, here are some things you need to keep in mind before throwing a party.

  1. To begin with – prepare a guest list. Make sure your guest list has all the names of people who are near and dear to you, especially those who enjoy wine and a good match.
  2. Set up your home theatre system- ensure that the sound system is tuned and set for a larger audience.
  3. Set a theme – Watching a match and sipping wine can be fun, but you can always create an environment which is not just fun but also exhilarating for you and your guests. Ask your guests to pick a team and dress in the team colors. Buy some fun stuff like colourful afro wigs, cheerleader pom poms, hats and other similar stuff. This way you will be able to recreate a stadium environment at home.
  4. Wine – This is where most people tend to stumble. Choosing the right kind of wine is very important. Most people like to stick to their own choice of wine, and might not be open to experimenting. Stock your bar with popular wines like Shiraz Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc or even Cabernet Sauvignon.
  5. Wine coolers- Wine is great, but wine coolers and cocktails are better! There are various cocktails you can make with wines, like Sangria, Red Hot summer and Spritzer. These are easy to make and your guest will be able to refill their glasses without a hassle. Use a pitcher to store these coolers and keep some ice cubes handy in an ice box.
  6. Food: If you are serving wine coolers, then you can serve any kind of snacks and finger foods. If you want to stick to serving wine, then you can serve a cheese platter, barbecue and tandoor dishes.

So that’s it, a simple guide to organising and hosting a chic cricket wine soiree at home. Have fun, and be sure to cheer for your favourite team. Pour on the cheer with food, wine and cricket! 

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