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Pair Your Favorite Wine with Food – Part 2


In our previous post, we covered wine and food pairing for some of our wines. As promised, here is the rest of food pairing list!

Nine Hills Shiraz: Nine Hills Shiraz, like Sauvignon Blanc is known for its versatility in pairing. However, if you are choosing Shiraz, you might want to order smaller meat portions, stew and less spicy food rather than bigger fattier meat. You can pair your favorite Shiraz with grilled lamb, beef stew, brisket, salmon, sausages, black olives and roasted chicken/pork. Vegetarians can pair this wine with vegetable stew, lentil salad and veg burgers. You can satisfy your sweet tooth by pairing it with some yummy chocolate cake.

Nine Hills Shiraz Rose: Nine Hills Shiraz Rose has endless pairing options. This delicious pink wine goes best with Salads, light pastas, rice dishes, seafood, grilled chicken and pork, basically anything. Pair it with strawberries and berries, to enhance your taste experience.

Nine Hills Viognier: This exotically fruity, rich white wine has complex tastes hidden in it. Hence, it’s best not to drink Viognier with lighter food, as it will completely overpower the taste of the food. Viognier loves spices, so pair it with spicy chicken wings, chicken in red curry paste, Chicken in Thai curry and if you love Indian food, then this is the wine for you!

Now that you have all the information you need about wine and food pairing, which pairing will you try first?

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