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How To Sound Like a Wine Connoisseur – Part 2

Wine Glass

In our previous blog, we learnt how to sound like a Wine Connoisseur. Here are some more useful terminology to help you further!

Useful terminology

Ever heard wine described as ‘spicy’ or ‘lush’? These adjectives are used to describe a wine’s flavor, and fall into three broad and widely-used categories . Describing wine thus will help establish your ‘connoisseur’ credentials.
High Tannin: some wines seem to suck the moisture out of your mouth; the same sensation you would have when eating a jambul or raw guava. This is due to the high level of tannins—which are a chemical compound that is also found in tea—in the wine. When remarking on this particular attribute, you would say, ‘hmmm, this wine is highly tannic’ or ‘this is a high tannin wine’.

Round: these wines have less tannin and are therefore ‘smoother’ and silkier to the taste. This type of wine is described as having ‘round notes’.

Spicy: wines with a ‘bite’ or high levels of acidity, are referred to as ‘spicy’. This is because they make your tongue smart the same way that biting into a raw chili would. Of such a wine you would quite simply say, ‘this one’s a spicy number!’

Let’s raise a toast to your new found knowledge. But remember, ‘in vino veritas’—in wine is truth. Drink in moderation during your exposition or you just might just give the game away! Salud!

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