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Wine FAQS: Part 1


When it comes to wine, there are many questions that wine lovers ponder about but hesitate to ask. To make things easier, we have decided to answer those questions we know have been on your mind! So here goes…

1. Is it true that all wine age well?
Most people are of the opinion that the longer you keep wine the better it gets. However, the fact remains that most wines that you buy are ready to drink wines and are not meant to be stored for long. Best way to know whether a wine ages well is to check these four traits – High acidity, high tannin component, less alcohol content and sweeter wines also tend to age well.

2. Should wine be stored in a temperature-controlled cellar?
Not necessarily. If you just bought your favourite bottle of wine and want to store it for a short period, you can just choose a place that is cool and dark with constant, moderate temperature. The best place to store wine is under the closet or the bed! However, if you plan to keep the wine for longer periods you can buy a wine refrigerator.

3. What wines should I serve at a party?
Sparkling wine is the most festive wines and can be served for any occasion. Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noir and Shiraz Rose are some of the best wines to serve for a party. Always buy wines, which are widely popular rather than those that are rare, even if they come with high recommendation.

4. At what temperatures should you serve red and white wines?
A rule of thumb is to serve whites wine chilled and reds warm. Sparkling wines should be served chilled. If you are particularly looking for a cooling temperature then it is 7-9 degrees for White wines, and 17-19 degrees Celsius for Red wines.

5. How long does wine last once opened?
Wines, which are left open, can spoil within a day’s time. However, some wines with higher tannin will last longer than wines with less tannin, which means red wines last longer once opened. Also, wines stored in cooler temperatures have lower spoilage rates.

Follow our blog to learn more about wine! We hope these answered some of the many questions you have about wine! Watch this space for more Wine FAQS.

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