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What Can Hijack the Wine Pleasure?

Enough has been written on how to increase your wine drinking pleasure. Good wine enjoyed with pleasant company takes the wine drinking experience to a different level altogether. But there are a few things that can ruin a much-awaited wine drinking occasion into an ordinary experience. Yes, here we tell you about them so you are adequately informed and if possible avoid those circumstances.

Wrong glasses

Though many would argue what’s in a glass; but drinking out of the wrong type of glasses do affect the taste and aroma of wine. Can you imagine champagne being relished out of a beer mug? No, it would be sacrilege!! The same rule applies to other wines as well. We are not saying invest in expensive crystal, but hoard some decent quality glasses. Believe us, you will notice the change.

Expensive Wines

Nothing spoils the party mood faster than seeing an expensive restaurant bar menu. You are in a catch-22 situation where you want to enjoy the wine but can’t because of the exorbitant prices of the wines that you know you can relish at half the prices if bought from a local wine shop.

Corked Bottles

Just imagine a party scene where you want to show off a prized bottle of yours which turns out to be a corked one. Half the pleasure is already spoiled as it takes a considerable time, patience and skill to remove the cork deftly. But in case the cork breaks and the pieces go into the wine, it just adds to the overall disappointment.

Overwhelming smells

Wine drinking experience starts with the aroma but if there are overwhelming smells of strong perfume, incense sticks and colognes around, you will find them interfering with your wine smells. It’s a pity that you won’t be able to smell that tantalizing whiff of vanilla or spices.

Wrong wine temperature

Wine drinking experience can be spoiled if wine is not served at the correct temperature. Reds served warm lose their focus and balance while too cold reds might taste bitter and tannic. The same way, white wines might taste sweet when served at room temperature but savoury when served chilled.

Poor company

Wines are best enjoyed in the company of good friends. But on an occasion where you find yourselves surrounded by unknown and poor company, you will find no pleasure in your glass of wine even if it’s the world’s most expensive and best wine.

Party spoilers

The realization that you need to drive after the wine party spoils the mood for wine drinking. It’s frustrating to not drink or limit yourself to half a glass. Again, if you are hosting a party, then boarding friends for the night as they can’t drink and drive is also a mood spoiler especially when you are one of those people who like their space.

Feeling under the Weather

You have been invited for a wine party do but have caught a bad cold, very frustrating right? You can’t enjoy your wine as cold interferes with the smell and taste. Hence, better refrain from wine drinking and switch to sipping hot water.

And in case you are thinking, this article is not to deter you from wine drinking but to make your wine drinking a pleasant and memorable affair.

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